Who do you turn to when your dreams are bigger than you are?  What do you wish upon when they exceed your reach?  The two little boys of Circus Abyssinia ask the Man in the Moon for his assistance, and, in the blink of an eye, are transported from waking reality into the rushing surrealism of circus and dream.  This lunar figure presides over the show as a digital projection, overseeing the realm of adrenaline and exploration which the boys fearlessly navigate as they transform their dream into a reality.

The Man in the Moon

Circus Abyssinia gives a twist to the legends and lore that have surrounded the Man in the Moon for centuries.  At once a beacon and symbol of the show's transformative circus magic, and a ferryman between the mundane, waking world and the nighttime world of dreams and boundless possibilities, this wonderfully strange and ambiguous figure orchestrates the experiences of Bibi and Bichu with much mischief and vaudeville comedy - because what circus is complete without its clown?  

Tweedy the Clown 

Known and beloved for his hilarious antics by adults and children alike, the peerless Tweedy is taking up the role of Bibi and Bichu's mischievous lunar benefactor in Circus Abyssinia.  Easily one of the best vaudeville performers in the country,  Tweedy has been clowning for over twenty years.  Not only is he resident clown and firm favourite at the acclaimed Giffords Circus, he has performed in an astonishing number of major circus productions, from Zippos Circus to Circus Beserk, and is also an award-winning, highly successful solo artist in his own right.  Be sure to visit his website to learn more about him and his fascinating body of work.