The Painted Wagon (2016)

Unrequited love story, The Painted Wagon, was set in the pioneer days of the Wild, Wild West, its narrative woven through saloon brawls, high-speed pursuits and raucous shoot-outs - in which we participated as bartenders, juggling bottles of whisky, the props of our trade, at a pace to match the show's fast and furious unfolding.   

Akhnaten (2016)

In early 2016, we reunited with Gandini Juggling as part of the skills ensemble for the stunning ENO production of Philip Glass’ opera Akhnaten.   We also helped choreograph the ensemble, which had a choric role in the production, using the language of juggling and ritualised movement to dramatise the life and ideas of the Egyptian Pharaoh.

Moon Songs (2015)

Directed by the renowned Cal McCrystal, Giffords Circus' 2015 show, Moon Songs celebrated Bibi and Bichu's tenth anniversary with the company by presenting a show inspired by their story.

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The Thunders (2014)

Giffords' 2014 show, The Thunders, was an irreverent retelling of Greek mythology, using acrobatics, fire-juggling, dance and jaw-dropping acrobatics to tell the tale of human love plagued - literally! - by immortal jealousy.

CBeebies’ Justin’s House and CBeebies Live! (2013)

We had a blast in the studio and on the UK arena live tour with the wonderful cast of 'Justin's House'.

Lucky 13 (2013)

Directed by Cal McCrystal, this 2013 Giffords Circus show detailed the hilarious consequences of the culture clash that resulted from a pretentious 'High Art', ballet themed circus show being gatecrashed by a rowdy, ridiculous Transylvanian travelling Circus.

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Smashed (2012)

Directed by Sean Gandini, this radical juggling show was like a dance into chaos.  In 2012, we joined the show's ever-evolving ensemble of 9, touring France and the UK in its hilarious and unsettling exploration of gender politics and power.   

The Saturday Book (2012)

Giffords' 2012 show, The Saturday Book, was a witty, episodic collection of tableaux, stories and vignettes, and exploited to the hilt the absurdity, hilarity and strangeness of circus itself.

War and Peace (2011)

Directed by Irina Brown, this ambitious 2011 show by Giffords used animals, acrobats and all manner of stunts to loose the spirit of Tolstoy's epic novel into the ring.  Joined by Tweedy the Clown, gravity-defying aerialists, a scene-stealing hand-balancer, and Brian the goose, we played two drunken Russian soldiers, and earned our applause by juggling flaming torches and wine bottles.

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