Giffords Circus, 2002-2016

For 11 summers since 2002, we toured the south of England with Giffords, a wonderfully funny, endlessly inventive, vintage 'village green' travelling circus.  Appearing every other year with the company until 2010, and every year until 2016, our time with Giffords was one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences of our careers. We learned innumerable new skills and forged friendships that will last a lifetime, and one of the things we loved the most is that although we performed hundreds upon hundreds of shows, every one was different – the spirit and camaraderie of the troupe meant it was never a canned fare, but always fresh, and continually evolving, a vital factor in how Giffords performs adaptations of familiar stories and lore, all filtered through the playful, irreverent lens of vaudeville and circus art.  Here's a slide-show of our most recent productions.  

The Painted Wagon (2016)
The Painted Wagon (2016)

Directed by Cal McCrystal. Our final show with Giffords Circus unfolded as an extravaganza of outlaws, pell-mell pursuits, and acrobatic feats of dance, equestrian daring, and high-speed juggling, all to the rollicking, honky tonk beat of the wild, wild west.

...and flaming torches.


Collaborating with Gandini Juggling as part the ENO ensemble in Philip Glass' opera, Ahknaten, was easily a highlight of 2016. The production used the language of juggling and ritualised movement to dramatise the life and ideas of the Egyptian Pharaoh, and located the roots of juggling in ancient Egypt.

Akhnaten (2016)
CBeebies’ Justin’s House and CBeebies Live! (2013)

In 2013, we had a blast working with the cast of CBeebies’ Justin’s House, both in the studio and on their live tour.

In 2012, we joined the ever-evolving ensemble of 9 in Gandini Juggling's Smashed, a radical, witty and unsettling exploration of sexual politics and imbalanced power relationships.